Here is a little bit of information about me. The goal of this website is to give a better insight about me that I couldn't fit on my cv.

Methodologies I have worked with

System Analysis
System Design
Unified Model Language (UML)
Agile Methods

Computer skills

Competent with most Microsoft Office programmes
Visual Studio 2010
SQL Server Management studios 2008
Software installation and configuration
Basic knowledge SAP-R/3 integration
Basic knowledge using Photoshop, Dream weaver and illustrator.
Front end and backend programming using:
·C# and ASP.NET

Social skills and competences

Team work
·I have worked and collaborated on various types of groups of people while working on project both in school and in the various jobs I have held.
Intercultural skills
·I am experienced at working with people from different cultural backgrounds both from school and the various jobs I have held .
Probaly you are wondering why you should hire me ?
As a person I believe I am bright and capable person, with a service oriented mind set. I work logically and rationally in a group or as an individual. I believe I have great people skill which enables me to interact with different people and relate with them at their own level. In a working environment,it affords me the opportunity to hear their ideas, giving me a chance to know what they really want and expect to be done.
Though I may only have experience from school, I am a willing and fast learner. I believe a position with your company will be mutually beneficial and would greatly appreciate the opportunity to bring my knowledge into play.
Reading about Technological advancement and novels
Watching movies, TV Shows, scientific and historical documentaries
Computer games
surfing the net
Thai boxing (Muay Thai)
Shooting pool and bowling
Traveling and sight seeing
Voluntary service
    Understanding Speaking Writing
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Swahili Proficient user Proficient user Proficient user
Cedric Ongoro
Staldgaardsgade 29, 2 TV
7100 Vejle Denmark
Phone: +45 27513265
Email: me@cedric.dk
LinkedIn: Here
website: www.cedric.dk
Jobindex cv: jobindex
Course full title: Professional Bachelor Degree in Software Development
Institution: Lillebaelt Academy of Professional Higher Education
Institution's Website: Here
Period of study: 02/2010 - 04/2011
Course Syllabus:

Databases For Developers

·Performance analysis and tuning
·Dealing with concurrency in web and distributed databases
·Choice of databases
·tools for optimizing and monitoring databases

Contract-Based Development

  • Using Contracts as coordinating mechanism
  • Specification of systems and models through the use of contracts
  • Verification of systems using contracts
  • Contracts in global development


  • Test for validation and verification of contracts
  • Testing Models and techniques
  • Traceability and Test
  • Test Planning

System integration

  • Service orientered architecture (SOA)
  • Development of additional modules for generic systems
  • Transformation and development of system using the service orientered architecture
  • Various approaches to system integration

Udvikling af store systemer

  • Opdeling af systemer i undersystemer
  • Design samarbejde mellem dele på et abstrakt niveau
  • Koordinering af globale udviklingsprojekter
  • Mønstre og frameworks til design og implementering af store systemer

Project Management

  • Project strategies and organisation
  • Project organization in context
  • Quality assurance
  • Risk Management and Project Planning Theory
Course full title: AP Degree in Logistics Management
Institution: Lillebaelt Academy of Professional Higher Education
Institution's Website: Here
Period of study: 08/2006 - 01/2009
Course Syllabus:
1st Year Study Programme
  • Logistics: Logistics Management// Organisation Theory// The Value chain
  • Marketing: Strategic Analysis and Planning// Market Analysis// Logistical Implications
  • Business Perspectives: Accounting// Commercial Law
  • Language: English
2nd Year Study Programme
  • Specialization Options
    International Marketing
    Logistics and Planning
  • Electives
    A combination of subjects supports your choice of specialization
  • Final Project
    You decide the topic.
    The project is practically oriented and relates to logistic challenges in a company.
Course title: AP Degree in Computer Science
Institution: Lillebaelt Academy of Professional Higher Education
Institution's Website: Here
Period of study: 02/2004 - 04/2006
Course Syllabus:
  • Programming
  • System Development
  • Basic technology
  • Logistics, Financial Management and IT Law

Web Applications Development with Microsoft .Net Framework 4

Institution: Itucation
Institution's Website: Here
Period of study: 29/04/2012 - 13/06/2012
Course Syllabus:
• Development of Web forms, Configuration, Master Pages and Themes, Globalization, Event hierarchy, Caching, State Management
• Development of validation checks on input, Layout, Implementation, Server controls Manipulate controls from code
• Client-side scripting and Ajax Using Javascript, Using the DOM, JavaScript events, ASP.NET Ajax, Ajax and JQuery, JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)
• Configuring the Web Application Authentication, Authorization, Providers, Http Handler's and httpModules, initialization and error handling, Asmx and WCF Services, Projects, solutions and assemblies, Debugging, Deployment
• Viewing and Manipulating Data Data Bound controls DataSource controls, LINQ, Create and use a data service, Dynamic Data projects
• ASP.NET MVC 2 Structure of an ASP.NET MVC application, Custom Routes, Controllers and Actions, Views
Special additions to this course:
• Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
• C # programming
• Web programming
• Databases

Danish 3 examination

Institution: Sprogcenter Vejle
Period of study: 2007
Institution's Website: Sprogcenter
Course Syllabus:
Danish course 3 is intended for students who normally have a lower or upper secondary or higher educational background. Each Danish course is divided into six modules, and enrolment in the next module presupposes the passing of a test. The course is concluded at the language centre with a state-controlled exam.

SAP-R/3 integration.

Institution: Lillebaelt Academy of Professional Higher Education(Formerly Vejle Handelsskole)
Period of study: 2. - 4. April 2007
Course Syllabus:
· Brief introduction to SAP RJ3
· General understanding of the enterprise
· Integration game
· Functions and flows in SAP RJ3

Fertin Pharma A/S, Vejle

Job Title: Production worker
period: 01/09/2014 - Present
Job Description:
Working in different departments within the nicotine chewing gum production, ranging from correct mixing of various ingredients, rolling the gum, sorting of the end product as well as well other warehouse duties. I was recently nominated as one of the trainers to educated fellow and new employees on good manufacturing practice.

Job Title: Cleaning Assistant
period: 16/09/2013 - 31/08/2014
Job Description:
Together with other co workers ensure a clean working GMP environment for pharmaceutical nicotine chewing gum production.

Anders Andersen Rengøring A/S, Vejle

Job Title: Cleaning Assistant
period: 06/01/2012 - 20/04/2012
Job Description:
Worked in a Flour producing company. Ensure that all the production areas we cleared of products on the floors.

Danske Supermarked A/S, Vejle

Job Title: Part time warehouse employee
Period: 01/09/2009 - 14/10/2011
Job Description:

02/2009 - 31/08/2009 Adecco A/S, Vejle

Job Title: Temporay Employee
Job Description:
Companies I worked for as a Temp during this period included :

  • Danfoss, Vejle.
  • Fakta A/S, Vejle.
  • Dansk Supermarked A/S Vejle.
  • Bodum Logistics A/S, Billund
  • Lomholt Services, Vejle
  • Syddanske Vaskeri, Vejle

Ameraal Beltech Modular A/S, Vejle

Job Title: ERP Assistant
Job Description:

As an ERP assistant in Ameraal Beltech Modular A/S, I was involved in solving in-house technical problems encountered with the system in the company’s various departments. The job involved ongoing interaction with colleagues both, local and international, face-to-face, by email and over the phone, with Danish and English as the working languages.

Period: 05/08/08 – 19/01/09
Recommendation Letter: Unichains

Dansk Ventil Center A/S, Vejle

Job Title: Warehouse employee,
Job Description: My job involved mainly warehouse logistics:

· Receiving orders and checking the specification of the products.
· Locating the various product that have been ordered.
· Packaging and dispatching the products.

Period: 01/06/08 – 31/07/08
Recommendation: in Danish DVC

UDC Vikar A/S, Vejle

Job Title: Temporay employee,
Job Description:
My job with the various organisation involved the packaging of various products and getting them ready to be dispatch to the customer or various outlets. Period: 01/10/07 – 31/5/08
Recommendation: in danish UDC
Companies I worked for as a Temp during this period included :

  • Smurfit Kappa, Vejle.
  • Dansk Ventil Center A/S, Vejle.

Various Temp Agencies, Vejle (Tempo Vikar, Temp Team, Vikargruppen & Adecco)

Job Title: Temporay employee,
Job Description:
My job with the various organisation involved the packaging of various products and getting them ready to be dispatch to the customer or various outlets.
Period: 01/07/07 – 30/09/07
Companies I worked for as a Temp during this period included :

  • GLS, Kolding.
  • DKI Logistics, Horsens.
  • Jysk Seng Lager, Vejle.
  • Dansk Ventil Center A/S, Vejle.
  • Puratos A/S, vejle.
  • Gumlink A/s, Vejle

Danforel Fish Factory, Vejle

Job Title: Service assistant,
Job Description:
Here I worked in a multi cultural organisation, where I worked with fish that was being prepared for export.
Period: 28/11/04 - 23/06/07


Job Title: Private
Period: 01/2013 - Present
Job Description:
Help with the local police with voluntary duties.